First-class non-alcoholic IPA

IPA Liberis 2+3
Riegele BierManufaktur

If a non-alcoholic beer doesn’t taste like a non-alcoholic beer, then it is truly craft beer. This is the case with the IPA Liberis 2+3.

Bottle of IPA Liberis 2+3.
Lean body in taste and form.

Great foaming. The color cloudy, rich, a little like honey. On the nose: strong citrus notes. Also a tropical fruitiness.

Taste only moderately bitter. Lean body, extremely fruity with mango in the foreground. Refreshing and pearly/tangy on the tongue.

Beer in glas. First quarter: foaming. Last quarters: rich and cloudy color.
Yes, sometimes I drink beer from jam jars.

It is an excellent summer beer. Certainly also a good alternative to a non-alcoholic Radler (with significantly less caloric due to the lack of lemonade).

The IPA feel (which I’m a big fan of) comes through, but is not at all overemphasized.

Overall really impressive and a joy to drink. You taste the quality and work that Riegele put into this product. Ranking 5 out of 5.

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  1. Tofu Golem

    @isellsoap … I got tired of microbrews in part because I got sick of all the IPA.But now you're telling me someone combined the horror of IPA with non-alcoholic beer?That…I have no words.I'll be cowering in that corner over there if you need me.