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Hi, I’m Francesco, a Frontend Developer from Munich, Germany. This is my little corner of the web. Thanks for stopping by! 👋

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  1. Reposted a toot from @mhoye:

    The _practice of computation_, as a field, is less than a century old. We measure the things we can measure, usually the things that are easy to measure, but at the intersection of humans and computers, the most important part of the exercise, this field is still deeply & dogmatically superstitious. The false stamps of authority are everywhere.

    I mean, look at this. Look at it.

    ... And try to tell me that isn't occultist kabbalism delivered via powerpoint.

  2. Microformats question regarding p-rating in h-review’s: Are non-integer values allowed/valid, e.g. <data class="p-rating" value="4.5" title="4.5 out of 5">…</data>?

  3. Wooden learning blocks for children.
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    Bare Figures

    Thoughts on a 10+ year old side project of mine that just went offline.