Funny bits, weird and dark overall

The Favourite

From the trailer I would have thought that The Favourite would be funnier and lighter than it actually was. For the most part the movie is more in the dark, weird, twisted side of things. The camera work is suprising and refreshing, lots of fisheye scenes and interesting cuts in dialogs. The acting is strikingly good and convincing, especially Olivia Colman as Queen Anne (Oscar win in 2019) and Emma Stone as Abigail. (By the way, during her lifetime Queen Anne was pregnant 17 times and had 12 miscarriages. Holy shit!)

The typography of the chapter titles during the movie and the credits at the end is pretty cool. No matter how short the word, all characters are set with a justify-content: space-between;-kind of styling flavor. Not really readable, but funny and creative.

D  i   r  e   c  t   e  d
b                       y
Y   o    r    g    o    s
L  a  n  t  h  i  m  o  s

Overall the movie is a bit too grotesquely overdrawn and made me feel a bit uncomfortable at times, so I will probably never watch it again.

Nonetheless a rating of 3 out of 5.

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