Improving activity teasers


Less focus on activities plus some accessibility gimmicks.

The teasers of different content types on this website (activities, notes, articles and links) have been rendered very similarly in the stream of overview pages, like the homepage.

Screenshot of the homepage stream of content teasers. All content types basically look the same.
Different content types, same layout for all teasers.

Especially activites like runs or bike rides do not carry much information, so I decided to make them smaller to account for that.

Screenshot of the stream of content teasers on the homepage. Activities now use up way less space, making room for teasers with more relevant content.
Activites take up less space now.

More improvements:

  • Removed current year from dates (instead of “Feb 14 2023” it’s now just “Feb 14”). Content published in years prior to the current one will show the year. Hovering over the date still reveals to whole date string.
  • Removed distance and pace on activity teasers. The distance is already implicitely present in the title, e.g. “9k Running” for a run with a distance of 9 km.
  • Shortened the duration string to not show hours if it’s not necessary (instead of “0:11:52” for a duration of 11 minutes and 52 seconds it’s now just “11:52”).
  • Added proper markup for durations.
    • Before: Just the string 11:52.
    • Now: time element with the appropriate datetime attribute for durations (ISO8601) and proper title and aria-label attributes for human interaction, e.g. <time datetime="PT0H31M19S" title="31 minutes 19 seconds" aria-label="31 minutes 19 seconds">31:19</time>. Thanks to Terence Eden for his good blog post Making Time More Accessible on this topic.

In the course of these minor changes I was also able to use the CSS :has selector for the first time ever. 🙀

.content-cards__item_activity {
  margin-right: 0.75rem;

.content-cards__item_activity:has(+ :not(.content-cards__item_activity)) {
  margin-right: 0;

The crazy long selector says: “For activity teasers that don’t have a following activity teaser as a sibling, reset the margin-right.”

Screenshot of the stream of content teasers on the homepage highlighting one specific activity teaser with the dev tools to explain the CSS code mentioned earlier in the article.
The teaser doesn’t need a right margin like its preceding two siblings.

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