1. Liking content from matthiasott.com.

    I just discovered Matthias Ott’s challenge of wiriting something every day for 100 days just recently. Since May 27 he’s constantly outputting such good content that it leaves me deeply impressed.

    What will I learn from this? Will my writing improve? Will I think more about what to write? Will I make it a habit? Will you enjoy what you read? Will I fail? I don’t know. All I know is that I already like the idea of writing more and seeing where this leads me. I’m actually excited! Let’s do this. I’ll see you tomorrow.

  2. Next step for owning more of the content I’m producing: I swaped all of my runs (368 in total) with all relevant data from the Garmin silo to the ProcessWire instance of my website. ✌️

    The runs will be part of my content stream on my website. The process of getting new runs into the system is not yet automated, I have to play around with it still to figure things out.

  3. Liking content from werd.io.

    Here I am, freshly setting up my syndication workflow on my website. And here is Ben, advocating against it. Pretty compellingly he writes:

    POSSE requires participation from the networks. I think it might be more effective to move all the value away: publish on your own site, and use independent readers like Woodwind or Newsblur to consume content. Forget using social networks as the conduit. Let’s go full indie.

    And the paragraph that brings it to the finish line:

    The effect of independence is practical, not just ideological: if you publish on your own site, your words are much more likely to stand the test of time and still be online years later. Social networks come and go, adjust their policies, etc. And there’s a business value to being able to point to a single space online that holds your body of thought and work.

    Well observed.