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Next up: figuring out how to get Bridgy to push likes and retweets to me. I understand that I have to add some syndication markup to my website.

What I’m still trying to understand is how to automatically add “Also on Twitter” links to my website post (as @adactio has it on his notes). Not quite understanding the underlying workflow yet.


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  1. Nicolas Hoizey

    I currently push to Twitter, which is synced to Mastodon, but I would like to have different contents. Can I ask how you push toots?

  2. Francesco Schwarz

    My CMS is ProcessWire which I set up with the Webmention module. I use Bridgy to push posts from my website to other services (as described here…). If you want to post from Mastodon to Twitter you could use for example.

  3. Nicolas Hoizey

    Interesting. I use Bridgy the other way, to get webmentions from tweets. My tweets are synced as toots with but I would like my site to push both tweets (already done) and toots, with different contents. I have to dive in Mastodon API.