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Hi, I’m Francesco, a Frontend Developer from Munich, Germany. This is my little corner of the web. Thanks for stopping by! 👋

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  1. Inspired by Hidde de Vries (who got inspired by Ethan Marcotte and Robin Rendle) I too added a “Reply via email” link at the bottom of every RSS feed item. Check it out!

    I like this kind of subtle UX improvements for “hidden” stuff like RSS feeds. Similarly, if I link to an external source I automatically add the external link at the bottom of the corresponding RSS feed.

    Thanks for the heads up, Hidde!

  2. Reading “More infos to follow soon…” in the Readme file of a repository where the last commit happened in 2012. Whispers of the past. Put me in a melancholic mood almost instantly. Maybe also triggered by the Celtic playlist I’m listening to in the background.

  3. Just stumbled upon the slides of a talk I gave at university just shy of eight years ago. The topic: jQuery. Flipping through the slides it really feels like a different time dimension. So much has changed… And the other realization that hit me right away: I’m ooold. 😄

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    Running on my own

    Experiences in migrating running data from Garmin to my website, setting up a continuous sync for all future runs and visualizing some metrics.

  5. Next step for owning more of the content I’m producing: I swaped all of my runs (368 in total) with all relevant data from the Garmin silo to the ProcessWire instance of my website. ✌️

    The runs will be part of my content stream on my website. The process of getting new runs into the system is not yet automated, I have to play around with it still to figure things out.

  6. On June 12 I asked @gRegorLove a question on Twitter. Today he responded, and he did so via his blog and with the help of webmentions, which pinged Bridgy to syndicate his response to Twitter. The result on Twitter is a usual conversation. After that I published my response to him. I also did this via my website, using the same mechanism that he used when he wrote his response to me.

    But I didn’t use the exact same mechanism: I forgot to use Bridgy to syndicate the response to Twitter and thus to his tweet, instead I replied directly to his website response. The result is that I accidentally shifted the conversation, which originated on Twitter, to our personal websites. Apart from having been an accident (and probably it is rather confusing for the conversation flow) I thought that this shows the underlying power of webmentions:

    • The ability to freely shift conversations between plattforms.
    • The ability to be in control of the conversation flow.
    • The ability to still being able to present the context of the conversation flow underneath the content it originated from.

    I’m still rather new to the Webmention and IndieWeb scene, but the underlying concepts and their implications speak to me 100 %.

  7. Still not able to let Bridgy post reactions to tweets (that don’t have the URL of my website in them) back to my webmention endpoint. Tried this in the help section but somehow it’s still not working. 🤷‍♂

  8. Slowly learning about webmentions and how to connect Bridgy with my ProcessWire website. Let’s see how it will unfold.