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Hi, I’m Francesco, a Frontend Developer from Munich, Germany. This is my little corner of the web. Thanks for stopping by! 👋

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    The year was 1821 and technically the spreadsheet was a book of logarithmic tables. The frustrated cry came from Charles Babbage, who channeled his frustration into a scheme to create the world’s first computer.

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    A sign that I'm getting older and more crotchety about technology: I woke up this morning wishing someone made a simplified smartphone OS that never introduces any new features whatsoever, and the hardware experience stays constant with each upgrade. The only changes are invisible: software patches and hardware performance upgrades only.

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    Rapper RIN in an interview with the SZ:

    Dort unten ist für mich Urlaub. Hier ist meine Heimat. Ich vermisse es richtig, wenn ich in Bosnien bin. Vor allem das Schwabenland. Ich liebe die Ruhe, die dieser Teil von Deutschland ausstrahlt. Das Schwabenland ist wie das Auenland aus Herr der Ringe. Milch und Honig fließt durch die Bäche, Mercedes, Porsche und Einfamilienhäusle.