1. Liking content from hiddenbrain.org.

    There is so much to learn from this podcast episode, I listened to it during a run this morning.

    On days when good things happen, as you’d expect, people tend to report increases in things like positive affect, life satisfaction or self-esteem, but individuals who score high in measures of purpose in life, on those days when good things happen, they tend to look emotionally even keel. It’s almost as if that good thing didn’t happen. I’ll just say, although that may be jarring at first, it’s like purpose almost blocks you from reaping the benefits of a good thing, over time, you would not want your emotional tone to be bouncing around based upon the experiences that are happening to you. Over the course of one’s lifespan, it might be beneficial to remain even keel or as close as possible to life’s experiences, and feel good irrespective of what’s happening around you.