1. Adding specific links as home screen icon (and not the main page) on iOS is pretty cumbersome. As pointed out by the user “Schlickenstein” from the Apple Support Community, this is the way:

    1. Copy desired URL.
    2. Turn airplane mode on.
    3. Go back to Safari and navigate to copied URL
    4. After loading fails, click the sharing button and choose the option “Add to Home Screen” as normal.


  2. Reposting content from infrequently.org.

    Alex Russell puts into words what the popular phrase “Safari is the new IE6” really means. Insightful.

    This is not an exhaustive list, and each entry can block entire classes of applications from credibly being possible on the web. The real world impact is challenging to estimate. Weighing up the deadweight losses in start-ups not attempted and higher prices for small businesses who must pay to develop native apps seems a promising angle for economists to investigate.