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  1. Liking content from

    Beth Finke:

    I never got to the part where I was supposed to give them a call. The emojis got in the way.

    You can easily fuck up accessibility by over- or misusing them. Thanks for these simple tips, Beth.

  2. Liking content from

    Here I am, freshly setting up my syndication workflow on my website. And here is Ben, advocating against it. Pretty compellingly he writes:

    POSSE requires participation from the networks. I think it might be more effective to move all the value away: publish on your own site, and use independent readers like Woodwind or Newsblur to consume content. Forget using social networks as the conduit. Let’s go full indie.

    And the paragraph that brings it to the finish line:

    The effect of independence is practical, not just ideological: if you publish on your own site, your words are much more likely to stand the test of time and still be online years later. Social networks come and go, adjust their policies, etc. And there’s a business value to being able to point to a single space online that holds your body of thought and work.

    Well observed.