1. One of the reasons I struggle with writing notes and articles for my blog on a regular basis is the fact that I don’t know who I’m writing for. (That, and an unhealthy mix of impostor syndrome.)

    Who reads my content? For which audience do or should I write? Who even cares about the things I think about? Do my ramblings make any iota of meaningful difference in the world?

    This thinking isn’t helpful. It’s the opposite. I can feel how it blocks my mind.

    That’s why I now try to think of it as I think of good and relevant comments in code: I try to picture myself a few months into the future and document things for my future self. I make implicit knowledge explicit, for myself, in order to be able to remember. I materialize emotions and thoughts I have every day through words I put up on my blog.

    The audience is me. Anyone else interested is welcome to join me in reading.

  2. Liking content from matthiasott.com.

    I just discovered Matthias Ott’s challenge of wiriting something every day for 100 days just recently. Since May 27 he’s constantly outputting such good content that it leaves me deeply impressed.

    What will I learn from this? Will my writing improve? Will I think more about what to write? Will I make it a habit? Will you enjoy what you read? Will I fail? I don’t know. All I know is that I already like the idea of writing more and seeing where this leads me. I’m actually excited! Let’s do this. I’ll see you tomorrow.