Not my cup of tea

Music album

I’ve never been a fan of strong auto-tune effects in Rap music, so I had my difficulties with RIN’s Kleinstadt album.

11 of the 21 songs I marked as

  • “auto-tune too heavy”
  • “superficial in content”
  • “boring”

7 songs I marked as “passable”:

  • Yugo
  • Apple
  • Athen (feat. Schmyt)
  • San Andreas
  • ADHS
  • Sado
  • Mrznja

Yugo has a pretty decent and interesting three-quarter time. ADHS has a cool beat (but the auto-tune destroys the song for me unfortunately).

Sado has a funny part at 1m29s:

Ich bin hinten in der Küche und ich chille mit dem Chef.

Translation: “I’m in the back of the kitchen and I’m chilling with the boss.” This line has the sound effect of him being in the back of a room away from the microphone, which is actually quite funny and made me laugh when I was listenting to it during a run.

3 songs are pretty good:

  • Money on my Mind
  • Insomnia (feat. Giant Rooks)
  • Dirty South

They have great beats, little to no auto-tune, and triggered the “this is an actual hip-hop song”-feeling for me.

Reviewing the entirety of the album I’m going with a rating of 2 out of 5.