Freedom out of Giesing

Giesinger Freiheit
Giesinger Bräu

The long-awaited first non-alcoholic beer from Giesinger, finally here!

Portrait shot of a glass of Giesinger Freiheit on the left with lots of foam, and the bottle standing on the right.

The “Giesinger Freiheit” presents itself pear-like in color, cloudy through and through. The foam formation is excellent, large-formed bubbles determine the action.

The smell is mild and fruity.

On the palate, effervescence and pearliness stand out above all at the beginning. Very refreshing. Little sweetness at the beginning and in the middle. But at the end, as if by magic, develops a mild sweetness that lasts a long time. Over all: each sip has a long lasting finish, both throughout the mouth and on the palate. What stands out is the citrusy tendency in the taste. Rather restrained at first, then intensifying strongly with increasing sips.

Overall impression: a discreet, restrained non-alcoholic. Acts more like a supporting actor than a leading one, which is not necessarily a negative.

Rating 3 out of 5.